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Update - October

Happy Spooky Dayz, All!

There is plenty to be excited for as the year winds down.

First, our beloved Cadre Poor’s MIDH: Maybe It’ll Die Here was released this week. You still have time to get your copy before All Hallow’s Eve!

Second, our creative team is gearing up for the launch of web comics and physical graphic novels. This will give all of our readers a more in-depth look at the Crans Universe. Pictured above is BIGHT. More on this teenaged femme fatale and other storylines will be released later this year.

Lastly, new merch will be hitting the online store this week so be on the look out for new Crans apparel and keepsakes!

stay spooky, readers!


P.S. Yams Out Here Trippin’ :)

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