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Crans releases a wide range of comic shorts and graphic sagas in a variety of genres.  Some of the most popular titles we’ve published include RingMaker Soda, NINpire, and HYDE. Click below to find out more.

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RMS COVER001.jpg

After narrowly surviving a botched assignment, a trio of space scavengers find themselves in the middle of a hidden war of the worlds.

Coming Soon
Heofin Cover.jpg

A sinister stranger interrupts the Heofin Tournament of the Gods.


Betrayals, answers, revelations, and A LOT of colors. Welcome to the finale.

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An extension of the Maybe It'll Die Here series, HYDE is a horror story like no other. With a struggling family, overzealous investors, and a forgotten promise, HYDE will leave you questioning what watches from the unknown. FEAR NOT and HYDE.

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