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Dante Green

Code Name: Vinci

Real Name: Frederick Dante Green Jr.

Gender: M

Species: Mutant

Age: 20

Height: 5’11” 

Weight: 185 lbs.


  • Black humanoid

  • Dark brown eyes

  • Light brown medium dreadlocks (season 1 only)

    • Dark caesar haircut (Season 2, 3 and 4 only)

  • Lean muscular build

  • Merovin serial number mark

    • Left arm (color cloaked)

First Appearance: VINCI Book I


     In the winter of 2010, Dante Green exhibited super strength by pushing Izabel Blanco several hundred feet to safety as he brutally returned attack to violent teenagers. Clementine Gathers-Charles (Dante’s mother) filed bankruptcy in the bouts to keep Dante’s “condition” out of sight and mind. Dante’s fainting spells caught the eye of Dr. Dean Galvin, head of genetic research at Merovin Corp in Forest City. 

     Under the experiments and tutelage of Dr. Galvan, Dante quickly learned to control and manipulate his water, density and pressure based abilities. Acting Merovin CEO, Dr. Izaac Merovin, attempted to convince Clem signed her parental rights over assurance of financial stability (2013).

     Excited about weaponizing Dante’s unique abilities, Dr. Izaac Merovin and DOSSA executives quickly inducted him into the Olympus program (2014). Infuriated with Dante’s refusal to cooperate, Dr. Merovin forcibly employs a Chalani man (Maanan) to implant mind control markets in Dante’s mind. During the procedure, Maanan discovers Dante’s genuine courtship of his daughter, Arina. He tells Dante to follow Merovin’s wishes until he can escape. On a black-ops mission in South America, Dr. Merovin discovers Dante’s deception and dries him out via the mask (2018). During the transport flight back to the United States, Dante’s mask awakened him, assaulted the Strych Strikeforce and remains at large.


  • Merovin Parasite Master Helmet “Lu”

    • (Book 1 only)

  • Merovin Icarus Gloves

  • Ginsu Custom “VINCI” Aviation Bomber Jacket

  • Ginsu Angular T Shirt

  • Ginsu Harem Identium Jogger Pants

  • Assorted Retro Yarden Sneakers (Season 1)

    • Ginsu Color Walker Sneakers (Continuous)


Genetic Mutant: Vinci’s manipulation of the internal oxygen and hydrogen interactions allow him the following: 

  • Bio Liquid Production: Vinci is able to secrete thick, runny or misty paint through his pores at will. 

    • Paintball Strikes: Vinci can release condensed paintballs which cause great damage and/or deliver great shock waves of pure force.

    • Super Speedball: Vinci can throw/kick objects at very high speeds, causing great damage to whatever it hits. Vinci throws smaller objects at high velocities, while throwing heavier things like cars and cannonballs to do massive damage. Max speed 2,000 mph.

    • Paint Mist Projection: Release low powered projectiles of paint.

    • Paint Bomb Creation: Create bombs/explosions of paint.

    • Paint Breath: Discharge paint from the mouth.

      • Mist

      • Solid

      • Liquid

    • Paint Bullets: machine gun fire of paintballs over a wide area.

    • Bubble Paint Bolts: Project paint that instantly encases an object in a gelatin bubble on impact.

    • Omnidirectional Paint Waves: Send out a wave of paint in all directions.
      (heavy liquid use) 

    • Reflective Attacks: Release attacks of paint that can bounce off of any surface.

    • Scatter Shot: Release paint blasts that split into multiple fragments.

  • Liquid Sustenance: Vinci is able to survive on only consuming liquids. He also only uses 10% of energy that the average human requires. 

    • Regenerative Durability: Vinci possesses enhanced resistance to physical damage as a result of an accelerated healing factor.

      • Minor to moderate wounds heal near-instantaneously, appearing as though they never happened.

      • Lost limbs and internal organs may be completely regenerated (during water rejuvenation).

      • Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent (during water rejuvenation).

      • Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars (during water rejuvenation).

      • Vinci can regenerate as long as the head/brain is damaged to no more than 50%.

      • Vinci has a hyper tolerance to toxins and drugs.

    • Surface Scaling: Through the mastery of surface tension in his body, Vinci can climb walls and stand on ceilings. 

    • Skin Color Manipulation: Vinci can control and alter the color of his skin at will.

      • including natural and completely unnatural ones, pigmentation, brightness, shade, saturation, intensity, tone and etc. 

  • Density Empowerment: Vinci can create, shape and manipulate his own density. This can range from enhancing it to acquire heightened durability, increased weight and amplified strength to diminishing it to acquire intangibility, decreased weight and even levitation and/or flight capabilities. 

    • Max - 500 tons 

    • Min - 0.0017oz

    • Ages 10% slower than the average human

    • Enhanced Strength II: Being able to lift (Maximum) heavier structures from battleships to massive aircrafts.

    • Ultra Strikes: By augmenting his density, Vinci is able to apply incredible force to his throws and strikes, enabling them to deal superhuman strikes. Up to several hundred tons.

    • Selective Complex Heaviness: Vinci is simultaneously both weighted and weightless, allowing him to have both physical mass/weight and no physical mass/weight at once. He can do things like walk on quicksand without falling through or walk on pressure traps without triggering them because He has no physical weight but he can also knock things over or carry things that weigh more than enough to weigh them down or knock them over without affecting his surroundings. 

      • Vinci has a sense of physical mass/weight as they could be picked up and held and he will feel the mass and weight, yet he doesn't seem to have any when influencing his surroundings.

      • Unlike intangibility, he cannot pass/phase through objects.

      • (high liquid use)

    • Lightweight Movement: Vinci is able to move seemingly weightless: allowing them to move or stand on surfaces that would otherwise not support his weight, including liquids. Vinci can climb/stand on objects that would otherwise not support his weight, move on surfaces like mud, sand, dirt, etc. that he does not leave any footprints.

      • Double Jump: Vinci uses his own inertia to create a vortex around themselves that substitutes a physical body to propel himself off of.

        • He can jump infinitely, in relation to his leg strength - using the speed of a kick through the air, he can use the air (which, due to the speed of the kick, could not escape properly) as a sort of cushion of the fall, therefore using it to jump another time. Given that Vinci has enough power in his/her legs, one can jump as many times as possible. 

      • Living Bullet: Vinci can utilize his density augmentation to form a projectile sphere or coating of his body, becoming a living bullet.

    • Unrestricted Agility: Vinci can fluidly move around in any environment or conditions, allowing feats such as  Wall-running, somersaulting, vaulting, kicking off any/all surfaces including intangible and ever-changing surfaces.

  • Parallel Cognitive Processing: Vinci’s mind is capable of carrying out multiple calculations and thought processes at once.

    • Advanced Reflexes: Highly sensitive skin pores give Vinci alerts when there are changes in air pressure. This allows him to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.

    • Urban Adaptation: Vinci is able to survive and adapt to urban environments like cities, factories, etc. He can withstand air pollution, and strong electric signals.

    • Danger Intuition: Vinci’s hypersensitive skin can detect aggressive changes surrounding air/water/sound pressure: signifying nearing danger, acute danger, potential immediate danger, or impending danger. This includes unwanted or hectic threats to his well-being. 

      • A euphoric wave in his brain sends a vibrating sensation through his body. 

      • The wave only resonates if Vinci, himself, is in harm’s way.

      • Effective up to a 5 mile radius

Merovin Mercenary Training: As Merovin’s Project Icarus, Vinci acquired advanced training, mental programming and following:

  • Special Ops Mastery: Vinci is super-humanly but adeptly skilled in all forms of special operations:

    • Mercenary Works

    • Counterintelligence

    • Black Propaganda

    • Guerrilla Warfare

    • Direct Action

    • Counterinsurgency

    • Assassination 

    • Close Target Reconnaissance

    • Unconventional warfare.

  • Battlefield Adaption

    • Adoptive Muscle Memory

    • Reactive Adaptation

  • Combat Perception

    • Enhanced Assassination

    • War Manipulation


  • Liquid Dependency: Vinci must drink excessive amounts of liquid to fuel his abilities and his basic homeostasis requirements.

  • Consciousness: If knocked unconscious, Vinci’s abilities are subject to activate and/or deactivate.

  • Mild Poikilotherm:  Vinci’s internal temperature varies considerably, similar to cold blooded organisms. Without a source of moisture, highly aggressive climates may cause him to freeze or burn to death.

  • Decapitation: 51% Destruction of Vinci’s head will result in death

  • Human Physiology: - Besides a tremendously higher durability, Vinci possesses conventional human weaknesses.

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