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Update - September

Hello, All!

Apologies for the hiatus. We truly are in unprecedented times. Nevertheless, the Crans team has a TON of new and fun news to share.


Cadre N. Poor’s retro, horror epic, Maybe It’ll Die Here will be released early on 10/20/2020! The story follows a group of teens in a small town in California who test the validity of a local legend and get FAR more than what they bargained for. Pre-Orders are open for MIDH now.

The Bullies

It turns out that the quartet of crimson crime fighters will be playing a greater role in the Crans universe! While The Bullies: Destiny World was slated to be released this fall, the Crans team decided to place their debut in Fall of 2021. All of the fans who pre-ordered before this change will be receiving an exclusive Bullies/VINCI tie-in story FOR FREE. See? We didn’t forget about you. ;)


So ends the saga!!! The third and final installment of VINCI promises to be as legendary as it’s sibling tales and more. Be sure to look out for it in Spring of 2021. And no, we aren’t telling you what happens. LOL.

*Lastly, please be patient with us as we tinker with the website. We are working to give you the best and most efficient experience!


-Crans Admin

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