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Hello, all!

As promised, I will be explaining the first romance-centered title in the Crans repertoire, LEASH . Once an aspiring criminal defense attorney, Gray finds herself relocating to Empira, NY from Rockberg, MN after her fiancé cancelled their wedding, weeks beforehand.”

LEASH is written as an ode to the ironic connection between self-growth and love. I know, I‘m being painfully vague but it’s complimentary to the story: trust. :)

Moreover, VINCI fans will pick up on the city names. Yes, the story is based in the Crans Universe. HOWEVER! Don’t expect any super-powered antics. This one is for the reader who sleep-watches BOOMERANG (the movie), Sleepless in Seattle, Insecure, and Grown-ISH. You can expect LEASH to be available at the end of 2020 / First Quarter 2021.

On that note, thank you for reading with Crans Image House!

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