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Graphic Novels, Ms. Poor and Restocking!

Hello, all!

We hope that all of you and your family are staying healthy and safe! There is plenty to share this month!

First, we have added a new member to the Crans team!!! Cadre Poor will be releasing awesome titles and working on numerous existing titles. You can learn more about Poor in the Authors section of the site.

Next, Crans is now a graphic novel house! The team is currently working on the first visually endorsed title, VINCI Book Zero. Don't worry, the story will be fresh and it will be in continuity with the novels. :) Also, VINCI Book II is now available on all literary platforms!

Lastly, all of the Crans merch is restocked. This includes the famed House of GINSU leggings!

As always, thank you all for reading with Crans Image House!

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