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VINCI Bio.jpg


Sci-Fi / Adventure

After freeing himself from the shadow government’s clutches, a mouthy teenager uses his vandal-esque abilities to put a retro covered foot on evil’s neck. Book I and Book II are available now.

Client 5

The Bullies

Youth Reading / Sci-Fi

A quartet of adolescent, hyper-powered clones cope with junior high, family values and fighting crime. The Bullies; Destiny World will be available Oct 2020.

Client 6


Romance / Comedy

After her life path is derailed, an anxious young woman indirectly embarks on self discovery on the humid beaches in Florida. Leash will be available DEC 2020.

Lupe Bio.jpg


Mystery / Fantasy

Detective and single mom, Francine Esposito has a secret. She inherited more from her parents than religion, social anxiety and being Brown in America. Lupe appears in VINCI I and II. She will appear in a solo novel Fall 2021.

Client 4

Maybe It'll Die Here


A resourceful drifter and a naive history major desperately runs from murderous pursuers.


Strych 9

Drama / Adventure

John Craft is an All-American football player, high school graduate, California gang member and the newest recipient to the most coveted (and sinister) internship in the world.

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