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Our Authors

Meet the Pen Team

In our efforts to create great publications, we have the privilege of working with an amazing array of literary talent. Our pen team is goring, title after title.

Renaldo Cooper

Sci-Fi & Paranormal

Rockford, Illinois native, Renaldo Cooper is a dedicated author and art collaborator that founded Crans Image House with the primary goals of progressing diversity and the creative voices of artists who are often silenced by culturally prejudiced circumstances. The VINCI series, LEASH and The Bullies: Destiny World are current titles penned by Cooper.

Cadre N. Poor

Suspense & Romance

Cadre Noel Poor is a French transplant who grew up in the Ashview Heights community of Atlanta, Georgia. Her love for literature manifests in suspense tales, romance epics and occasional historical fiction short stories. Poor’s work can be experienced in LEASH and Maybe It’ll Die Here. The aforementioned will be available First Quarter 2021. 

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