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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

Coretta Scott King


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Renaldo A. Cooper

Dante just wants to be normal again. Viral videos and feed posts about super humans bid for social importance with the Merovin family’s technological takeover. Human lab rats, secret government police, cryptids, witches and rival gangs strangle the innocence out of Forest City, Illinois.



Renaldo A. Cooper

 The battle between VINCI and Forest City sleeps at a stalemate. However, Dante has much to learn about living outside of his Paint Titan comfort zone. He and his allies will confront new villains, old rivals, each other and ultimately, themselves.

This is the second installment to the VINCI series.

Yam Sees You .png

Maybe It’ll Die Here

Cadre N. Poor

In 1989, deadly fates befall a handful of hooligan teens who haphazardly acquire a supernaturally-cursed doll.

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The Devil That Will

Renaldo A. Cooper

After a series of deadly events, a crimson smoke-shrouded stranger condemns humanity during a Chicago summer.

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White Structure

Renaldo A. Cooper

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Rockford, Illinois native, Renaldo Cooper is an author and art collaborator who founded Crans with the primary goals of progressing diversity and supporting the creative voices of artists who are often silenced by culturally prejudiced circumstances. Cooper's writing is the fruit of a diverse environment as well as an honest critique of society's maintenance of itself. His latest work, The Devil That Will is available now as he crafts the conclusion to the VINCI series, The Paint Titan, as well as an Untitled Urban Supernatural Drama. 

Cadre N. Poor

Suspense, Slice of Life, and Romance

No one writes quite like Poor. Cadre Noel Poor is a French transplant who grew up in the Ashview Heights community of Atlanta, Georgia. Poor's love for literature manifests in suspense tales, romance epics, and occasional historical fiction short stories. Her work can be experienced in Maybe It’ll Die Here. The latter is available now. The follow-ups, Hope You Don't Encounter and an Untitled Mystery Thriller are in the works.

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